About ORB Education

Quality Teaching Resources

ORB Education has been publishing digital teaching resources for over 10 years.  During this time, we have built a reputation for producing outstanding materials in a highly flexible format.  We have now added an Free Share Zone and Open Marketplace to our website, enabling teachers to share and sell their own resources directly online.

Free Share Zone and the Open Marketplace

Teachers need resources that help with the curriculum. If every teacher shared one single resource then there could be a collection of hundreds of thousands of worksheets, lesson plans, videos and web links for you to pick from. For those teachers who produce more, high quality resources, then the marketplace offers a mechanism for you to sell your materials to other teachers, taking the majority of earnings for yourself. Please Click Here for details.

ORB Publishing

ORB Education's published resources have been through the wringer. Initially selected for the high standard of tasks involved, the resources are passed between editors and experts in order to produce a product of assured quality.  We offer:
  • Quality tasks originally created for the classroom by teachers
  • A variety that will enthuse your students
  • A range of levels to help differentiate across all abilities
  • Editable files allowing you to fine-tune resources so that they meet your exact needs
The resources are packaged in a way that enables a huge range of uses:
  • PDF worksheets for printing and copying
  • Word documents, PowerPoints, Excel spreadsheets and Access databases allow you to edit materials using MS Office
  • Individual files and solutions for storing on your PC, school network, intranet or even emailing to students
  • Use with an interactive whiteboard or data projector
  • Easily tagged and incorporated into your VLE / LMS

Purchasing Online

All products can be purchased and downloaded instantly online using a credit card. You may also place extra funds in your account as credit for future purchases. Schools may be offered a number of other payment methods (please see your account for details).

Mail Order

ORB Published materials are available via mail order. School mail orders for total amounts under $400 can be sent to a school address with an invoice. Payments can then be made by cheque or direct credit to our bank account. All other mail orders must be accompanied by a cheque for the full amount.  Cheques should be made payable to ORB Education.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any help or information.