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SINGLE RESOURCE: 07. The Man From Snowy River
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 FULL PRODUCT: Australian Poetry - Banjo Patterson  (EnP007)
Here the poetry of one of Australia’s most beloved poets, Banjo Patterson is br ought to life. Students will gain an understanding of poetic devices (such as tone, metaphors, similes, rhythm, onomatopoeia, symbolism and imagery) and learn to apply this knowledge in the analysis of poems. 13 titles are covered, each coupled with comprehensive worksheets.
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bulletin april 1890. must consider such things physical appearance emotional qualities personality each character. vocabulary your words explain meaning following terms they appear context poem noted stripling wiry lofty wistful hails wheel beetled pluck undaunted each above terms suggest alternative word phrase that banjo patterson could have used. through stringy barks saplings rough broken ground down hillside racing pace went never drew bridle till landed safe sound bottom that terrible descent. there stripling small weedy beast something like racehorse undersized with touch timor pony three parts thoroughbred least such mountain horsemen prized. hails from snowy river kosciusko's side where hills twice steep twice rough where horse's hoofs strike firelight from flint stones every stride that holds good enough. account enduring success. what effect repetition extension tasks imagine have been chosen casting director film version from snowy river. hard tough wiry just sort that won't there courage quick impatient tread bore badge gameness bright fiery proud lofty carriage head. aspa. g. sent flint stones flying pony kept feet cleared fallen timber stride from snowy river never shifted seat grand that mountain horseman ride. g. them single-handed till their sides were white with foam. clancy regarded horseman. from snowy river pony have head swung stockwhip round gave cheer raced down mountain like torrent down while others stood watched very fear. write speech that presenter would make write from snowy river’s acceptance speech. teenagers immigrants elderly farmers young women tradesmen. identify least examples this technique. down kosciusko where pine-clad ridges raise their torn rugged battlements high where clear crystal white stars fairly blaze midnight cold frosty where around overflow reed beds sweep sway breezes rolling plains wide from snowy river household word today stockmen tell story ride. there harrison made pile when pardon with hair white snow could ride beside when blood fairly would wherever horse could clancy overflow came down lend hand better horseman ever held reins never horse could throw while saddle girths would stand learnt ride while droving plains. compare contrast these pictures. asn. understanding your words explain what following lines mean cracks gathered fray stockhorse snuffs battle with delight harrison made fortune when pardon identify poetic device used following lines phrases with hair white snow bore badge gameness stockwhips woke echoes they fiercely answered back raced down mountain like torrent down clear crystal reed beds sweep sway from snowy river most well known poems australia. third stanza patterson provides vivid description from snowy river’s horse. draw picture horse described here. explain clancy convinces change mind. " clancy rode wheel them racing wing where best boldest riders take their place raced stockhorse past them made ranges ring with stockwhip them face face. your audience will determine which elements film will emphasise your advertisement. " went they found horses mimosa clump they raced away towards mountain's brow gave orders "boys them from jump fancy riding now. information presented task well your research order complete this task. would select play roles clancy from snowy river explain have chosen them roles your group leading advertising agency been given creating advertisement upcoming production from snowy river. imagine that from snowy river going given award. then they lost moment where mountain gullies ranges final glimpse reveals distant hillside wild horses racing with from snowy river their heels. upward ever upward wild horses held their where mountain kurrajong grew wide muttered fiercely good hold them down other side. tried noted riders from stations near mustered homestead overnight bushmen love hard riding where wild bush horses stockhorse snuffs battle with delight. ride boldly never fear spills never rider that could keep sight once they gain shelter those hills. provide evidence from poem support your answer. still slight weedy would doubt power stay said "that horse will never long tiring gallop you'd better stop away those hills rough such you. htm. find description same horse poem draw another picture. followed like bloodhound their track till they halted cowed beaten then turned their heads home alone unassisted brought them back. will presenting your advertisement class. identify doesn’t want from snowy river join ride. " waited wistful only clancy stood friend think ought come" said warrant he'll with when he's wanted both horse mountain bred. understanding cont list plants that mentioned throughout poem. excellent guide elements procedure reader’s theatre found following website http www. there movement station word passed around that colt from regret away joined wild bush horses worth thousand pound cracks gathered fray. only choose one. patterson uses repetition poem. then fast horsemen followed where gorges deep black resounded thunder their tread stockwhips woke echoes they fiercely answered back from cliffs crags that beetled overhead. " when they reached mountain's summit even clancy took pull well might make boldest hold their breath wild scrub grew thickly hidden ground full wombat holes slip death. radio television newspaper. rewrite poem newspaper article. clancy must wheel them wheel them right. then they halted moment while swung dreaded lash they their well-loved mountain full view they charged beneath stockwhip with sharp sudden dash into mountain scrub they flew. design tourist brochure kosciusko. need pitch your advertising specific audience enticing them come film play. right among horses they climbed further hill watchers mountain standing mute stockwhip fiercely right among them still raced across clearing pursuit. snowy river riders mountains make their home australian poetry banjo patterson where river runs those giant hills between have seen full many horsemen since first commenced roam nowhere such horsemen have seen. decide what media will e. au projects english rtheatre. decide what audience will targeting e. hardy mountain pony could scarcely raise trot blood from shoulder from spur pluck still undaunted courage fiery never mountain horse cur. groups perform reader’s theatre performance poem. your choose well-known actor public figure play each major roles.

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